Our Mission

Despite the nation’s anxiety, tears, sweating, and soul-searching over the past decades, the American students’ average scores in reading, writing and math have continued to decline, and U.S. ranks near the bottom among the 35 industrialized nations in the 2016 international math assessment.

What is wrong with the U.S. K-12 education?

Poverty, crowded classes, teachers’ low salaries, poor funding, lack of access to early childhood education–these well-known culprits are NOT the fundamental causes of the dismal U.S. K-12 education performance.

Think over these recent statistics: while only 16% of the economically disadvantaged students enrolled in the top-tier, affluent Palo Alto school district of the Silicon Valley met the state math standards, 98% of New York City’s Success Academy students–mostly from impoverished minority families–passed the state math tests.

Time has washed away truths and facts from the terrain of public opinion. Few people are aware of the fundamental root causes of the American education failure: false pedagogy, deficient textbooks, defective curriculum, and low expectations and standards. For example, many school districts are still using inferior math textbooks like Everyday Mathematics, Investigations, and College Preparatory Mathematics, which belong to a roster of notoriously deficient math programs that even triggered a protest by more than 220 eminent mathematicians and scientists– including seven Nobel Laureates and Fields Medalists–in an open letter on the Washington Post in 1999.

Nothing is more devastating, tragic, and criminal than depriving our youth of their future by misguided education and disguised anti-intellecualism. This website is devoted to two lines of endeavors. First, to preserve and propagate eye-opening history of events and movements, arguments and confrontations, and origin and evolvement of the harmful educational ideologies. Second, to empower parents and students with curated best learning resources and related materials.

Ultimately, whether the dismal U.S. K-12 education can be salvaged counts on the mindset and action of each individual. Education is the foundation of a modern society; we are all stakeholders.